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                                                                                The Treatment
                                                                                18th September 2016
                                                                                Glasgow 02 Academy
I first saw W.A.S.P back in the Eighties when they drowned the crowd in blood and Blackie Lawless wore an array of different cod pieces , these guys were the Party boys back then, now all these years later the band are still going strong but of  the original line-up  only Blackie Lawless remains in 2015.

The Crimson Idol tour was possibly the loudest gig we have ever been to , one that lives in the memory of great gigs. Fast forward and having seen W.A.S.P  a few more times , finding them a bit disappointing at the Alcatraz Festival in Belgium last year,well  it was a toss up whether to see them again live, but a work colleague had seen them earlier in the week and persuaded us to go for it, and you know what , I am so glad we made the short trip to one of our favourite cities Glasgow, first up were  The Treatment (a Cambridge based band ) who got the crowd really warmed up with their Punk inspired good time rocking.


The New  Frontman Mitchell Emms sure knows how to work the room ,he got the Friday night crowd in the groove and in the  mood, this band have played with giants such as Motley Crue ,and Kiss ,in the past and surely the future will see The Treatment hitting the heights and becoming a household name after a thrilling and entertaining set  made up of tracks from the band’s two albums, "“Running With The Dogs" “ and  "‘This Might Hurt’" tracks included  "‘The Doctor" "“ ‘Drink, F*ck, Fight"’   "‘I Bleed Rock n Roll"’ and a few others they rocked the 02 finishing with ‘"Shake The Mountain"’ the songs were lapped up by the bands fans and much appreciated by the W.A.S.P Faithful.
















  So to the main event Big TV Monitors and the W.A.S.P Banner being unfurled added to the crowds anticipation, then the great man appeared, and the band opened proceedings as the crowd went wild ,playing some of the best W.A.S.P songs such as "“On Your Knees"” " “L.O.V.E Machine”" and the Who cover "“The Real Me"” Blackie has always really let the music do the talking but he did explain they will be playing some songs from the new album the awesome “"Golgotha"”. "“Last Runaway"” was unleashed on the crowd this is a cracking W.A.S.P song ,then the not so cracking “"Miss You"” which to us will never ever match “"Hold on To My  Heart"” from “The Crimson Idol” although Mr.Lawless did say it was gonna be on the aforementioned album, personally I am glad it wasn’t!! It’s a song that just dosent rock my boat in the slightest in fact I went to the bar and purchased a ridiculously over priced lager!!

I am still not to sure what to make of the backing track for the "“Titanic Overture"! Which sees the band leave the stage for the duration, I hear some people have moaned about it, am still on the fence about it, it was visually stunning with the screens etc I dunno ,not sure ,anyway I digress..

Blackie told the story about an interview he had recently where he was asked why the gap  between album  releases, very amusing! Some people spoil their opportunity and piss the artist off, When speaking to such legends common sense should prevail! "“I Don’t Need No Doctor"” "“Hellion"” "Thunderhead"” (Not necessarily  in order) continue the good times then new Album Title "“Golgotha"” transfixed the place and got the horns of approval from the masses.


The encore was “"Chainsaw Charlie” Murders in The Rue Morgue"” and one of my favourite parts of the gig simply put I love the song and everytime I hear it I reminds me of  Plymouth Pavilions The Crimson Idol tour as I mentioned earlier that was a mean mutha fucking show!!

There was  a gap and Back they came for “"Wild Child"” and “"I Wanna Be Somebody"” there ended a fantastic night , it was well worth our time and the journey to the heart of Scotland!
The Treatment Members: Mitchel Emms - Vocals, Tagore Grey - Guitar, Tao Grey - Guitar, Dhani Mansworth - Drums, Rick 'Swoggle' Newman - Bass
W.A.S.P Members: Blackie Lawless - Vocals, Guitarist Mike Duda - Bass Guitar Doug Blair - Lead Guitar Mike Dupke - Drums


**We are a totally non pretencious Website you wanna copy our piccys go ahead !! Live The Metal Dream!












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