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                                                                                                     Flesh & Blood

                                                                                                     Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

                                                                                                     Release Date:10th May 2019


Whitesnake return with their thirteenth Album and don’t disappoint at all, especially when you realise it has recently been their 40th anniversary “Flesh& Blood” amazes and has this reviewer tongue tied as these aficionados unleash thirteen tracks of pure Hard Rocking bluesy infused heaven.

Fronted as ever by the enigmatic and silver-tongued David Coverdale and joined by the super talented axe slinger Joel Hoekstra whos been with the Snakes four years now alongside fellow guitarist Reb Beach who  joined in 2002 you know you are in for a treat as the rhythm section comes into play with the unstoppable Tommy Aldridge on Drums and Bassist Michael Devin’s four string depth charged Bass bombs shaking the foundations and combined with keyboardist Michele Luppi imaginative keys this piece of art is truly up their as one of the Hard Rock Albums of 2019.


Opening with the truly great and fangtastic “Good to see you again” these snakes inject the venom into your soul , I just love the guitar work and vocal delivery by Coverdale its hard to believe its really been forty years he sounds as fresh as ever and indeed its “Good to see you again”. Next up we get “Gonna be alright” one I have played constantly, its addictive and sees guitarists Hoekstra and Beach laying down some killer riffs as this song rivals anything in the genre today, simply sublime then hell yeah “Shut up and Kiss Me” blasts outta ya speakers a proper bluesy sing along song that back in the day would be flying high in the charts, this is easily up their with some of the bands greatest singles. “Hey You” (you make me rock) has you singing and fist pumping the air as you stretch your vocal chords and sing along to the chorus, love it. You know its so hard to believe as I have already stated that Whitesnake has been going so long as “Always and forever” takes you on a journey of classic rock in a 21st century stylee.


The tempo is brought down with “When I think of you” (Color me Blue) Coverdale shows what a great Vocalist truly is as he puts his heart and soul into every verse, truly phenomenal and spine tingingly outstanding!

“Trouble is your middle name” sees things return to classy blues infused rock with some pantie wetting guitar solos and furious rhythm’s it’s another song that’s gonna stay stuck in your head for days. Title track “Flesh & Blood” is up next its down and dirty slower grooves entice and excite simply a killer tune! “Well I Never” is full of catchy lyrics and sees the guitars sing again as Aldridge pummels his drums like a teenager! “Heart of Stone” sees you kick back as you drink your beer and listen to Coverdale’s dulcet tones, this is quintessential Whitesnake at its best, phenomenal.

Get them dancing shoes on and boogie the night away to “Get up” and shake those hips as the tempo is brought right back up, its party time as the snakes go full on. Penultimate track “After all,” is a beautiful acoustic song, simply stunning. “Sands of time” brings this excellent work of art to a close its emphatic style and moments weave their magic into your being.


To sum up “Flesh & Blood” is a must have for any one who loves this thing we call Rock! The Snake is back and ready to inject and taste the venom!


Review: Seb Di Gatto               Score:10/10



Track listing

1. Good to See You Again

2. Gonna Be Alright

3. Shut Up & Kiss Me

4. Hey You (You Make Me Rock)

5. Always & Forever

6. When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)

7. Trouble Is Your Middle Name

8. Flesh & Blood

9. Well I Never

10. Heart of Stone

11. Get Up

12. After All

13. Sands of Time



David Coverdale Vocals

Reb Beach Guitar

Joel Hoekstra Guitar

Michael Devin Bass

Tommy Aldridge Drums

Michele Luppi Keyboards


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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