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Title: Life's Blood
Label: Pure Steel Records

Release Date:November 2011



If you look at the album cover of a nun in a sea of blood you would be expecting a death metal record… You couldn’t be more wrong, these North Carolina Rockers have released a magnificent old school blistering traditional record that will grab your attention, and make you wonder why you have not ever really taken notice of this band.  Widow were founded in 2000, 'Life’s Blood' is their fourth album

The first track 'Lady Twilight' is so NWOBHM influenced and is a really catchy melodic number. 


'In Dreams' starts off in nice melodic tones,  this is very retro, you could be transported back to the eighties listening to this song, in fact, listening to the whole album.

'Take Hold Of The Night' is a heavier track and another really catches number.  'Another Fallen Angel' is a slow-moving number, but don’t let that deter you, as the tempo is raised again for 'Embrace It'.  This is a fist pumping, head-banging song, absolutely fantastic metal.  'Behind The Light' and 'Live Beyond' are very nostalgic, and makes you wonder, what if ... these guys had been about a twenty years earlier, superstardom perhaps? 

'I Scream For Ice Queen' is a hard metal-tastic number and for me is the best track on here, followed closely by album closer 'The One I Know', a reminder of Iron Maiden and a bit of Mercyful Fate.  The whole album is jam packed with power and melody to please traditional rockers and is totally enthralling, and a fabulous step back in time.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Lady Twilight

2. In Dreams

3. Take Hold Of The Night

4. Another Fallen Angel

5. Embrace It

6. Behind The Light

7. The Burning Ones

8. Live Beyond

9. Judgement Day

10. I Scream For Ice Queen

11. Remembering

12. The One I Know

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