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                                                                                                       Words That Burn

                                                                                                       Regret is For The Dead

                                                                                                       Label: Worm Holed Death    

                                                                                                       Release Date :6th June 2016


Words That Burn Hail from Dundalk Ireland , they contacted us recently to review their Album, and boy are we glad they did!

“Regret is for The Dead” is an Alternative Metal Album that will entice, and excite anyone who loves their music with a biting Metallic edge.

Opening with the fiery and volatile “Our New Sin” this is  a hard and explosive start  with the excellent lyrics “Fuck your beliefs Fuck your Religion” bouncing around your head this is very impressive beginning  to a scintillating release.

 Next we get the first single  from this opus the superb and diverse “Unalive” a song that changes tempo and really shows what Words That Burn are all about, its melodic Metal mixed in with deep and throaty growls one minute from vocalist Roni Macrauiri that then changes its tempo as Roni's voice takes on clean vocals this is  a great choice as the first single as it truly shows the bands dynamism with  sheer viciousness , and  melodious moments mixed in with cut throat musicianship.


“Disappear” opens with an electromagnetic feeling of having your body drawn in to a maelstrom of induced dancing, moshing fury, with its different tempos and slower moments giving you a reprieve at times, then back into the groove.

“Chalklines” pounds into your consciousness as Jason Christy decimates his drums and Ger Murphy’s Bass pummels your head , Shane “Beano's” Guitar combined with his , and Roni's  lead vocals scorching your ears it’s the longest number , and a highlight  for this reviewer on this Alternative Metal release. “Hush” is highly dramatic and spreads like a virulent virus into your soul.


“Scars”  cuts into your very being , leaving its mark with its deep  face melting riffs ,and abrasive growls.  “Mirror Perfect Mannequin” is a fantastic song that should be on mainstream radio . It is magical ,the way it ebbs and flows this is one I would introduce to a new listener of these Irish Rockers. “In this Moment” chugs along  battering your brain cells into surrender.

Penultimate track is a different matter as the vocals are whispered then spat out this together with ferocious musicianship exploding from your speakers. Final song “Last Breath” is  devastatingly awesome  with its blood curdling growls , and lighter moments it’s a tremendous finish to an outstanding Album.


So to sum up :The whole Album is a story of life, the hurt, regrets and cluster fucks that life can throw at you with some uplifting pieces I salute this band and I am hopeful they get the breaks they so richly deserve. The Album was released on the 6th of June 2016, be sure to get your mitts on “Regret is for The Dead”.


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score:9.5 /10             Facebook    Website



1.Our New Sin




5. Hush


7.Mirror Perfect Mannequin

8.In This Moment

9.The Phoenix

10.Last Breath


Band Line Up:


Roni MacRuairi - Vocals & Guitar

Ger Murphy - Bass & Vocals

Shane "Beano" Martin - Guitars & Vocals

Jason Christy - Drums

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