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                                                                                                                 Label: Mighty Music

                                                                                                                 Release Date:12th April 2019 

From the highest mountains in Switzerland we bring you XAON and possibly the best Melodic Death Metal release of 2019, this is a monolithic, intense, unforgiving monster and will sate and please fans of this genre of Metal. This nine-track monster is full to the brim with hate, rage and passion that embeds itself into your soul as the orchestrations and deathly growls wrap themselves around you with venomous intent.


“Monolith” opens proceedings with its majestic tones as the deep and dark sprits of hells orchestra draws you in and then as growls and snarls emanate out of your speakers you become totally transfixed, this is one hell of an opener and bodes well for what is to come. Your blood curdles as the screams and growls from Rob Carson bring “Carillon” into the room, its simply sublime and devilishly addictive this track shakes the walls and wakes satans minions with its fierce and unstoppable intentions. The title track “Solipsis” follows and slowly builds into something extraordinary as XAON steal your soul as this song batters and smashes into ones being, this is the strongest song on here and one I continually return to with its heavy brain crushing dynamics and rancorous moments bewitching and astounding you.


“Mobius” is full of undying riffs and head banging insanity as the aggressive tones and head splitting moments wash into some heavenly guitar man ship as the song progresses, like every track on this release you will keep returning and playing song after song as you fall deeply in love with “Solipsis”. Next, we get the longest track on this platter the huge and massive “Eros” takes you on a journey of Melodic Death Metal enchantment its ending will go down well live as you can see in your mind’s eye the crowd chanting along and banging their heads in unison ...simply superb! “Cipher” opens slowly and becomes something truly vicious and unrelenting this is one hell of a brute and a song I would use to introduce someone to this genre of Metal, this drips blood and curdles your brain with its psychotic vexation. Drums that emanate from the pits of hades open the deliriously neck snappingly addictive and fiendish “Beast”.


You get a couple of minutes respite with “River” a graceful moment in this colossal Album that leads to the final number on here “Mask” yet another breath-taking moment on this opus the doleful piano and pain enriched vocals are fabulous and hellacious ending. “Solipsis” is an excursion into a masterpiece of Melodic Death Metal and one I will play time and time again!


To sum up: The unpredictability of this release continues to amaze and beguile you through out this work of art, I really hope this Album gets the attention it rightly deserves and needs to be held high and loved for what it is…


Review: Seb Di Gatto                   Score:9.5/10



Tracklisting:                                   Facebook

2. Carillon
3. Solipsis
4. Mobius
5. Eros
6. Cipher
7. Beast
8. River
9. Mask


Band Line-up:

Vincent Zermatten – Guitars
Rob Carson – Vocals/Orchestrations




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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