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                                                                          Title: The Dawn of Ares                                 

                                                                          Label: Iron Shield                                  

                                                                          Release Date:20/06/21

Italian thrash monster XENOS return with "The Dawn of Ares" a brutal full-on neck-snapping frenzy of thrashing delight is unleashed as "I am the machine" is delivered with no compromises featuring Josh Christian from Toxic this is a purebred killer opener that will see mosh pits and heads exploding.. Ignazio Nicastro spits nails from Satan’s coffin,  as drums are destroyed and "All shall fall" explodes into the room! This is a face-melting head-banging frenzy of sweating hell forever thrashing metal! 

The title track "The Dawn of Ares" is a monster of hellish delights, its savage, hostile and uncompromising its as angry as a cobra in a sea of fire, a masterpiece of neck-breaking delirium that is without a doubt my favorite track on here, it will surprise you with its twists and turns."Circle of lies" and "Shields" are battering rams of insanity, they annihilate your senses, releasing salvo after salvo of steel encrusted delirium.

"Interceptors" features Tony Dolan a number that continues to see these thrashers delivering the goods with menace! The illegitimate child of Slayer, Exodus, and Annihilator is thrown into a fusion of insane solos and killer lyrics as "The Prophet" curdles your brain cells with its face-smashing blows. The penultimate track "Still to the front" opens slowly then becomes a massive behemoth of addictive grooves. "The Healer" leaves you begging for more, incandesecent and seething with intent as the drums explode it is simply ferocious, an excellent track to finish a superb Album.

This thrash masterpiece is just what we all need in these days of uncertainties. Make sure you get this scorching album, catch the band live on tour and get in the pit!!!    

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score :9/10


01. I Am The Machine (feat. Josh Christian)
02. All Shall Fall
03. The Dawn Of Ares
04. Circle Of Lies
05. Shields
06. Interceptors (feat. Tony Dolan)
07. The Prophet
08. Still To The Front
09. The Healer





Line Up:Ignazio Nicastro Bass and Vocals Danilo Ficicchia - Drums Giuseppe Taormina – Guitars 


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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