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                                                                                     Crucified Barbara

                                                                           In The Red    Despotz Records

The first time I witnessed these Swedish vixens, they were supporting Motorhead in 2006, they got the whole venues attention with their energy, vibe and stunning display of hard rocking magnificence.

The merch stall was heaving as their debut album “ln Distortion We Trust” was snapped up by the thronging crowd.

Fast forward to 2104 and three albums down the line the girls have released possibly their greatest work to date with their fourth “In the Red”, its hard hitting, provocative, insightful, and their heaviest release.


Kicking into a frenzy of head bang boogying we get the stupendous “I Sell My Kids For Rock N Roll” this is a statement from these Swedish angels from Gothenburg, featuring Klara Force Guitar/Backing Vocals, Mia Coldheart   Vocals /Lead guitars, Ida Evileye Bass, and Nicki Wicked Drums/ Vocals, they haven’t gone away they are here to Rock n Roll, kick in the doors and party.


The first single from the album is the superb and brilliant   “To Kill A Man “ where the band highlight the truly shocking and harrowing statistic  “One-fifth of all women have suffered rape or attempted rape in their lifetime”  As was recently stated in an interview I did with Mia Coldheart for The Metal Gods, Abuse is happening all around us every day and seems to be on the increase, the video is worth checking out it will move and shock you, I think it’s a fantastic thing that Crucified Barbara have taken on this subject and show cased it to the world.


“Electric Sky” rocks the foundations; it’s hard to believe that Mia Coldheart wasn’t even the original vocalist with the band when they formed.

Recruiting her as a lead guitarist at first,  she then took over vocals when Joey left the band in 2003 and they haven’t looked back since!  Mia’s delivery and range rocks you to the core, the excellent “Call On Me “ she showcases  her talents to the full as  indeed does the whole album’  but this  has to be one my favourite songs on this opus followed closely by the title track ,  this kicks in the doors , shatters the windows and drives a spike into your metal heart! “Lunatic #1” will have you singing along in unison with the girls, they certainly cause a rumble, and rock into your world as you wanna be their “Lunatic#1! So you get where I am coming from , this could be,  and possibly is the best female fronted bands release in 2014 , its heavy hard and bruising its eleven tracks of awesomeness !


“Finders Keepers” has some bluesy tinges and rocks your socks off! Heading to the final track  “Follow The Stream”it’s  fast and bashes your brains , try head banging to this after a bottle of jager ! SoThis is the bands fourth album and their best by far in my view.


The band have been hitting the road hard in support of “In The Red” and wowing the masses with their  finesse and kick arse attitude! Personally I can’t wait to catch them Live again and make sure you get a hold of the super album “In the Red”.


Review: Seb Di Gatto



1. I Sell My Kids For Rock N’ Roll

2. To Kill A Man

3. Electric Sky

4. The Ghost Inside

5. Don’t Call On Me

6. In The Red

7. Lunatic #1

8. Shadows

9. Finders Keepers

10. Do You Want Me

11. Follow the Stream










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