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MG: Great to chat to you and congratulations on your stunning New Album "The Modern Age"

AA:Hi, thank you and nice to meet you !!


MG:  Can you give me a very brief introduction to the band and  the Bands name Darktribe


AA:Darktribe was created in 2004, but really existed from 2009.

The group was founded by Julien, I quickly joined him, then Bruno followed us and finally Loïc.

The main idea has always been to have fun together and share our music with a lot of people.

Our musical style is based around a few principles such as melody, power and a touch of technic parts.


The name was found by one of our former guitarist and immediately adopted.

It represents the spirit that reigns in the crew, a tribe with the ties that bind us and a dark side that shows how the life is not easy every day.


MG: The release of "The Modern Age " is approaching , what are your feelings as the release date comes nearer


AA:Impatient. We threw a large part of our forces in this album. We have worked hard to provide a very professional process and we look forward to show you.

MG : Do you have any favourite tracks on "The Modern Age" and any you are specially looking forward to playing live


AA:Difficult question. I can’t tell you what songs we look forward to playing live because I will unveil the new set list.


What is certain is that a lot of our new songs can be played on stage. They combine riffs and choruses on which everyone can have fun.

MG:   What  your Plans  are the bands plans  for the remainder  of the year.


AA:We are currently organizing several concerts for the end of this year and a European tour for next year.

We really want to defend this album and share it on stage.

MG: If I had never heard Darktribe before which two tracks would you have me listen to


AA:On our first album Mysticety Victoria, it’s clear that “Taiji” and “Life, Love & Death” is our most successful pieces.


For The Modern Age, songs “My Last Odyssey” and “A Last Will” provide an overview of the diversity of our compositions.

MG : Did the band all have an input into the album art work


AA:Each gave his opinion but we left the creativity of Gyula Havancsak do the rest.

Gyula has done a great job, the cover perfectly reflects our compositions.


MG: What can we expect from a Darktribe Gig?


AA:We don’t want to present only music, the idea is to offer a real show.

The band gives his best on every song, everything must be perfect, sound, delivery, technic, in order to take a maximum of pleasure.


People come to have a good time, we must respect them.


MG: Which Bands influence Darktribe and if you could share a stage with three bands alive or dead who would they be


AA:Many influences like Angra (with Andre Matos), Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Gojira, Opeth and Symphony X.


I will not hide that we like a lot of bands.


Well, for the stage, I will quote : Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Metallica

MG: What would be your ultimate goal for  Darktribe


AA:We have no ultimate goal, we go day after day trying to do the best possible.

If a genius gives us the opportunity to fulfill a dream, it would be on stage when we want and where we want.

MG: Feeling towards the Metal scene in France, specifically Power Metal? We are big fans of Kells and Vital Breath and now you guys of course! is their any other bands we should be looking out for from France?


AA:There’s an important metal scene in France, strongly oriented towards the extreme metal.

We’ve seen that it was difficult to find power metal bands. For example, Kells decided to stop, Nightmare decided to separate…

There are musicians with excellent ideas, but too few people are following young bands.

Fortunately, we have shared the stage with great guys like Unchained, Whispering Tales and Dreadful Silence.


MG:What first got you into Heavy Metal/Power Metal and is their any other sides of Metal/ Rock you would like to play besides Melodic Power Metal  


AA:Julien, Bruno and I are big fans of Iron Maiden, Angra, Judas Priest, Dio and Helloween.

Loïc brought us his favorite bands like The Ramones, Greenday, Children Of Bodom and Stratovarius.

Quickly, we liked Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth or Mastodon, even opened our minds to a more powerful and aggressive style.

The mixtures of all our infuences emit sound of Darktribe.


MG; Its been another good year already  for Metal in general  music do you have any personal favourite  albums so far.

AA:We are disappointed by the latest releases.

We had a lot of waiting to the last Kamelot (Haven), but we find it too close to the previous one.

Nightwish creativity seems lost with the last two singles (Elan and Endless Forms Most Beautiful) that we heard.

We are waiting for the last Symphony X and Stratovarius releases.

Meanwhile, we hope our greatest gift will arrive in September, with the new Maiden.

Right now, it's Shaman (Ritual), Angra (Holy Land) and Iron Maiden (Powerslave) that I’m listening.

MG: Silly Question !! Frogs legs (which we have been told we must try with lashings of  Garlic ) or Kronenburg?

AA:What the hell ?? French food is the best in the world and you ask me about frogs legs ??

You are crazy, yes, you are.


MG: Tell me why we should buy " The Modern Age"

AA:You, tell me why you would buy our album ?

What do you expect from a power metal band or a band in general ?

Listen to “The Modern Age” it’s choosing to spend time with us.

Sound is good, songs were worked with patience and as I said, we have given the best of ourselves.

That’s it.

MG: Four  words to describe Darktribe 

AA: Unity, Friendship, Respect, Sharing.


MG Final words for fans and listeners

AA:First of all, we thank you for your interest in our music.

And thank you to all who support us from the beginning, to those who join us today and welcome those who will listen tomorrow.


Anthony Agnello (Darktribe – Vocals) J                                                                       Album Review    

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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