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Skreen 6, the Kochi-based Hard Rock/Hair Metal sensation, emerged in 2021 and quickly carved a niche in South India's music scene. Fuelled by their debut album "Rockin' Head," the band garnered widespread acclaim, transcending borders to captivate audiences in Australia, Germany, USA, Spain, Sweden, and beyond. Drawing inspiration from iconic 80s bands like Motley Crue, Skid Row, White snake, and Bon Jovi, Skreen 6 masterfully resurrects the era's electrifying vibes. With a magnetic stage presence and a sound that echoes the golden age of hair metal, this band is igniting a global resurgence of the thrilling, nostalgic energy that defined rock in the 80s.





MM:  First up can you give us some insight and ideas about your  band Skreen 6 and your recently release album "Rockin Head"

Skreen 6 is an old-school hard rock/ hair metal act formed in 2021 during the second wave of covid by a bunch of boys in their early 20's. Inspired by the 80's glam metal/ hard rock legends like Motley Crue, Skid Row, White Snake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard etc.....Skreen 6 represents the new wave of hair metal in India. We released our debut album "Rockin' Head" back during the summer of 2023. The album consists of 8 tracks that will break your necks apart and ballads that will kiss you on your forehead. 

MM:Whats the music scene like in your area and India is a vast country how hard is it to get about and get the right support your band clearly deserves

The rock/ metal scene here in India here is very small when compared to the scene in other countries. It's Bollywood that is dominant in our country and that's what 90% of the population listen and wants. But we do have tons of rock/ metal bands in India keeping the scene alive by releasing music and touring consistently. To name a few....we have Kryptos, Amorphia, Girish & The Chronicles, Against Evil are some of the bands that are rocking overseas consistently. We as a band is new to our scene and people, but when we released the album the support was really awesome. 


MM:Do you ever live stream your shows

We have never live streamed our live shows. But we do document them and release as live videos one by one often in our channel. 

MM: Plans for tours and festivals for the  year

We haven't played much gigs since our album release since our vocalist who sung in the album had to leave band. But we are not here to stop the thing we started. We have a new vocalist- "Yohan Eric Timothy" now and we are kicking off our live shows with a 3 city tour in India this february 22nd. We have many more gigs lined up for this year. 


MM: What can we expect from u guys live

Best thing about touring is the experience, new-new worlds, different people & culture. We get to meet musicians, maybe even our childhood heroes, and don't forget the unsung heroes, technicians. And the worst thing about touring is, unsurprisingly, the experience itself. Hitting the road is a grind, but the magic it creates transcends simple explanation. Night after night, sharing your music with fans around the world is an unmatched joy. Sure, stress, cancellations, technical glitches, wardrobe malfunctions, and sleep deprivation come with the territory. No matter where you are in your musical journey, from nervous newcomer to seasoned pro, all musicians face unavoidable stress. Whether you're in a band or a solo act, the challenges feel endless. But when you finally step onto the stage and pour your heart out for your fans, all those worries melt away.


MM: Which  3 Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies
In India, we would love to tour with Girish & The Chronicles, Steel rush, Fire in the rodeo etc. Also, We always dream of touring with international hard rock acts like Airbourne, Crazy Lixx, H.e.a.t etc.

MM: What album first introduced you to Heavy Metal/rock music

Too fast for love- Motley Crue

MM: If you were a musical instrument  what would you be

Guitar for sure hehe.

MM: Four words to describe Skreen 6

Glittering anthems, weeping guitars.

MM:Final words:

We thank each and everyone who supported our band by attending our concerts, buying our merchandise and screaming out loud our songs. You are the real Rockin' Heads and we have more things cooking. Stay tuned!


Balance of Power is back with a brand new album 'Fresh From The Abyss'. Produced by Toby Jepson (Little Angels, Wayward Sons) and Lionel Hicks, and mixed by Mike Plotnikoff (Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, Fear Factory); ‘Fresh From The Abyss’ is a captivating release that showcases a grand blend of melodic metal and progressive rock. 

🎯 Watch 'Never Be Here Again'

(official music video):

The forthcoming album, ‘Fresh From The Abyss’ by Balance Of Power, is a captivating release that showcases the band's own blend of melodic metal and progressive rock. Released by Massacre Records, the album features a collection of songs that will leave fans of the band wanting more.

Featuring dynamic and intricate guitar work, hard hitting drums, and soaring vocals and keys, every track on ‘Fresh From The Abyss’ is honed and professionally crafted, demonstrating the band's shrewd ability to consolidate technical prowess and memorable melodies. Largely about life and death, the new release curates tracks that either stop the clock to point to a moment in time or stands back and encompasses the vastness of time and space and living and dying. From lead single ‘Never Be Here Again’, to ‘Abyss’, and album closer ‘One More Time Around The Sun’; Balance Of Power’s diverse musicality on 'Fresh From The Abyss' leaves a long lasting impression and profiles a band delivering their best album to date.

"'Fresh From The Abyss' has been so exciting to make. Written in a time before, during and after the pandemic, we took a  more organic approach this time around. We tested ourselves with new and different ways of song writing and the results have made us very proud to be carrying the 'Balance of Power' flame into a new era of our evolution." - Balance Of Power (February 2024)

Pre-order the new album 'Fresh From The Abyss':

Album Tracklist:

1. Last Man Down
2. Never Be Here Again
3. Monster
4. Rage of Ages
5. Abyss
6. Velocity
7. Deadlands
8. One More Time Around The Sun

Production Credits:

Produced by Toby Jepson and Lionel Hicks
Edited and Mixed by Sam Low
Remixed by Mike Plotnikoff
Mastered by Simon Francis
Cover Design by Stuart Dilley
Artwork by Antz White 
Photos: Neil Jackson

Balance Of Power is:

Hazel Jade - Lead Vocals
Chris Young - Guitars
Adam Wardle - Guitars
Tony Ritchie - Bass and Vocals
Lionel Hicks - Drums

Album credits: 

Hazel Jade - Lead Vocals
Chris Masimore - Guitars
Stoney Wagner - Guitars
Tony Ritchie - Bass and Vocals
Lionel Hicks - Drums
Julien Spreutels - Keyboards

Guest musicians:
Additional Guitars - Pete Southern and Adam Wardle
Additional Keyboards - John K

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