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REVENANT will reveal their engulfing debut EP, What A Time To Be Alive, on Friday 10th May. The hooky Brit rock crew will also unleash their deeply absorbing new single and video, The Healer, out everywhere on Friday 3rd May.


Hailing from Basingstoke, England, REVENANT have a slew of influences that range from Blackberry Smoke and Lynyrd Skynyrd, through to Guns & Roses and Metallica. With this stimulating blend, you can expect a genuinely fascinating sound from the ascending riff slingers. 


As it is for many creative artists, the band had to navigate a few bumps in the road before landing at their current destination. The hard-working four-piece feature guitarist and vocalist, Sugarman Sam, who started life with the esteemed blues band, The Voodoo Men. Sam moved on to form the Dead Jackals where he settled into the role of guitar player as part of a twin harmony attack with Matthew Hudson. Together they formed a compelling partnership parallel to Thin Lizzy’s iconic duo of Scott Gotham and Gary Moore. The newly formed friendship grew over the next three years and together they left the Dead Jackals. Last year, the duo enlisted bassist Robin Nutley and drummer Carl D, who have widely toured throughout the UK in their own right. Finally, REVENANT had arrived.


The band took no time to make their mark. Their debut single, Coming Back To Life , instantly created strong interest and drew in hefty streaming numbers. REVENANT’s next single, The Masquerade  , reached the same giddy heights and secured international airplay, and picked up warm comparisons to everyone from Chris Cornell and Alter Bridge, to Blackstone Cherry. Their recent single, Rolling On My Back has certainly solidified the band’s position as ‘ones to watch’.


REVENANT stride onwards again and are loaded with their simply stunning new EP, What A Time To Be Alive. This record is a hugely emotive and serious statement. This is real life, and it depicts stories about the good, the bad and the ugly. REVENANT are here and are thriving…… Get ready for this band to take over your life.



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‘What A Time To Be Alive’ EP tracklisting: 1. Coming Back To Life; 2. Draw The Lines; 3. The Healer; 4. The Masquerade; 5. Rolling On My Back. 

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